Linking Training needs to Organizational ,employees and tasks Week 2.

I learned from this week that it is essential for companies that have a recession or failure in competitive advantage to resort to training is not for the treatment of temporary and fill the gaps, but a permanent cure requires them to develop a model for training nicely to reach the significance of the competition and be on the right track from a corporate culture and education employees have the values ​​and vision of the organization and then analysis of the needs of the organization in terms of the strategic direction of the managers and the extent of support.



Assessment procedures

The staff and peers for training activities as well as training sources of hand and on the other hand has to be analysis of the needs of employees in terms of inputs, outputs and personal employee and is done through a personal interview or questionnaire, observation or  Observation Focus Groups Documentation, Online Technology.


Turnover Staff

  1- I learned also that the learning and development implement many procedure that it will be happen to share the benefit of successful  of the organization for all levels The design process begins with a needs assessment by using the ADDIE model (analyses, design, develop, implement, and evaluate).

2-      Subsequent steps in the process include ensuring that employees have the motivation and basic skills necessary to learn.

3-       creating a positive learning environment,

4-       making sure that trainees use learned skills on the job,

choosing the training method, it is important to determine what type of training is necessary and whether trainees are willing to learn. (Traditional or E-learning  “Observation, Questionnaires, Interviews, Focus Groups, Documentation, Online Technology)

5-       evaluating whether training has achieved the desired outcomes, choose the evaluated Design, plan cost-benefit analyses ,Needs assessment refers to the process used to determine whether training is necessary.

6-      Monitoring and evaluating the program (conduct evaluation; make changes to improve the program.


I would like to share with my colleague through this week how we can focus  in our training plan about what the staff requirement and what they are looking for to let them fitting with organisation  strategic and for sure what was organisation asking from them to gain competitive advantage from the competitor .

And would like to thank Dr. Adriane about what she share with us from her experience of how the learning and development assessment such as the type of questionnaire that asking for top manager to know about overview of strategic plan of organization and also the sample type of interview summary and I know that will help us so much to manage our individual project to reach.

 I hope at the next time within our physical class to use microphones and speakers so that we can hear what are colleagues involved from the information on various issues of interest to students of human resources, knowing that I am of the one who suffer from low voices of the participants, especially women.


2 thoughts on “Linking Training needs to Organizational ,employees and tasks Week 2.

  1. Hi Ali,
    Thanks so much for such great introspection here, and I’m glad that you found my examples of the interview questions, etc from my own experience to be really helpful. I’m so glad!
    Thank you, too, for the feedback regarding low voices. I will certainly remember that for our future physical class sessions with each other!
    I look forward to seeing your training program!
    Dr. Adrienne

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